Raven Scouts

Each Scout in the Raven Scouts program learns basic skills that all Scouts must master for rank advancement, camping, and other outdoor activities. Highlights include personal fitness, first aid, ropework, map-and-compass work, and nature hiking. While designed primarily for Scouts who are new to the Scouting program and/or attending summer camp for the first time, the Raven Scouts program is open to any interested Scouts that would benefit from its welcoming and advancement-focused experience.

There are two programs available at Raven Scouts. Raven Scouts (morning session) focuses on the advancement requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot and Second Class. Senior Raven Scouts (afternoon session) focuses on First Class.

Unlike the merit badge program, it is impossible to come to camp and, in a week, complete all of the requirements for any rank advancement. However, the Raven Scouts staff will do everything in its power to help each Scout become proficient in as many of the preselected rank requirement skills as possible. Each Scout will receive credit for each requirement they complete, and it is possible for some Scouts to complete more requirements than others.

Who Should Sign Up?

Unit leaders should consider each Scout individually when deciding whether they should sign up for this program. While a Second Class Scout may gain valuable skills in the program, they may be better served in the merit badge program. Likewise, a 14- or 15-year-old may be in their first summer at camp but may be advanced enough to bypass this program in favor of merit badges.

We encourage Scouts to enroll in only one of the Raven Scouts sessions, not both, as participating in sessions and activities in other areas of camp provides for a more well-rounded camp experience. Additionally, we recommend that Scouts in either one of the Raven Scouts sessions avoid enrolling in Trail to Eagle sessions and other advanced advanced merit badges, as they are generally designed for Scouts who are not in their first year.

Leader Assistance

Leaders are encouraged to work with Raven Scouts participants in the Troop’s campsite.  A review there can put into practice the skills the Scouts have learned during the week. Additionally, adult leaders are always needed to assist in the Raven Scouts area. Arrangements should be made through the area director.