Facilities - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to several common questions about camp facilities:

We use the standard green BSA wide wall canvas tent. Our tents will have either a wooden platform or concrete floor underneath. Each tent is equipped with two beds or cots.
Each Adirondack has six built in bunks with mattresses. Additional beds may be added on a limited basis. Youth and adults do not share Adirondacks.
Most campsites have a permanent picnic shelter. The few that do not will have free-standing tarps. Every campsite will have at least one picnic table.
Coverage varies depending on equipment and wireless network providers.  Carolina West and Verizon have the best performance, Sprint has some coverage, and AT&T and T-Mobile have little, if any, coverage. To compensate for this, each unit is issued an radio for emergency information from camp throughout the week during the check-in process.
The camp provides free WiFi for leaders that need to stay connected. Reliable reception can be found in a majority of the common areas throughout camp, including the Administration Building, Dining Hall, Program Center, and Trading Post.
We do not supply lanterns for troops to use in their campsites, but units often bring their own.  All campsites have lighting/electricity installed in their permanent shelters.
No, there are very few mosquitoes at Raven Knob. Most of the staff don't even wear insect repellant.
Depending on your campsite's location, it can take up to about 15 minutes. Many campsites are significantly closer. There are numerous paths around the camp that reduce the walking time to program areas and the Dining Hall.
Valuable items can be checked at the business office and picked up during regular operating hours. Alternatively, your valuables can be stored in your locked personal vehicles. Each campsite also has an ammunition box bolted to either the campsite's sign or the picnic shelter which can be locked with any standard padlock.