Provisional Scouts and Day Campers

Scouts who want to attend summer camp without a troop are classified into two groups. The first group is a Provisional scout. A Provisional scout is a scout who wants to attend camp a different week from when his troop comes. Provisionals are also scouts who want to attend Raven Knob, but whose troop may have chosen a different summer camp.

Day Campers are scouts who are attending Raven Knob only for sessions during the day. They commute back and forth to camp every day, spending their evenings and nights somewhere else.

You can register your scout to be either a day camper or a provional scout using the form below.

Raven Repeat

Raven Repeat is a program for scouts to want to attend Raven Knob for a second week. If scouts return for a second week of camp during either Week 6 or Week 7, we will offer them a special discount. The base price for Raven Repeat participants is $240.