All Sessions List

Some merit badge requirements cannot be completed during the week at summer camp. The table below lists the requirements that should be completed prior to arrival at camp in order to ensure merit badge completion at camp.

Last Updated 6/14/21

Session Program Area Prerequisite(s)
Advanced Metalwork Handicrafts Metalwork Merit Badge
Advanced Small-boat Sailing Aquatics Small-boat Sailing Merit Badge / Complete the BSA Swimmer Test
Advanced Rifle  Shooting Spoirts Rifle Merit Badge
Animation Technology  
Archaeology Scoutcraft  
Archery Shooting Sports Be able to draw a 22 lb. bow ten times consecutively
Art Handicrafts  
Astronomy Technology  
ATV Experience Outback Complete the ATV Safety Course
Aviation Technology 4
Basketry Handicrafts  
Bird Study Nature 7, 8
BSA / ARC Lifeguard Aquatics 15 Years Old; Be able to complete a 550-yard swim
Camping Scoutcraft 5e, 8d, 9a, 9b, 9c
Canoeing Aquatics Complete the BSA Swimmer Test
Chemistry Technology  
Chess Technology  
Citizenship in the Nation Trail to Eagle 2, 8
Citizenship in the World Trail to Eagle 7
Climbing Outback  
Communication Trail to Eagle 5, 8
Cooking Scoutcraft 4, 6
Cripple Creek (Mountain Man) Outback  
Digital Technology Technology  
Disc Golf Experience Outback  
Emergency Preparedness / Search and Rescue Scoutcraft Emergency Preparedness 1 (First Aid Merit Badge), 2c, 8b; Search and Rescue 5, 6, 7
Energy / Electricity Technology Energy 4; Electricity 2
Engineering Technology  
Entrepreneurship Trail To Eagle (Trading Post)  
Environmental Science Nature  
First Aid Scoutcraft Bring a personal First Aid Kit; Complete all First Aid requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class
Fish and Wildlife Management / Mammal Study Nature Fish and Wildlife req.8; Mammal Study req.3
Forestry Nature 1
Free Swim Aquatics  
Game Design Technology  
Geocaching Scoutcraft 7
Geology Nature  
Indian Lore Handicrafts  
Insect Study Nature 9
Kayaking Aquatics Complete the BSA Swimmer Test
Leatherwork Handicrafts  
Lifesaving Aquatics

2a (Swimming Merit Badge); Be able to complete a 400-yard swim (2b)

Metalwork Handicrafts  
Mile Swim BSA Aquatics Complete the BSA Swimmer Test
Mountain Biking / Cycling Outback  
Nature Nature  
Non-Swimmer / Beginner Instruction Aquatics  
Nuclear Science Technology  
Orienteering Scoutcraft 8, 9, 10
Personal Fitness Trail to Eagle 1b, 7, 8
Personal Management Trail to Eagle 1, 2, 10
Photography / Moviemaking Technology Earn the Cyber Chip award
Pioneering Scoutcraft  
Plant Science Nature 6
RAMPAGE!!! Outback  
Raven Scouts (morning session) Raven Scouts  
Reptile and Amphibian Study Nature 8
Rifle Shooting Shooting Sports  
Robotics / Electronics Technology  
Rowing Aquatics Complete the BSA Swimmer Test
Safety / Fire Safety Scoutcraft Safety 2a, 2b, 3b, 4; Fire Safety 11
Salesmanship Trail To Eagle (Trading Post)  
Senior Raven Scouts (afternoon session) Raven Scouts   
Shotgun Shooting Shooting Sports  
Small-boat Sailing Aquatics Complete the BSA Swimmer Test
Space Exploration Technology  
Stand Up Paddleboarding BSA Aquatics Complete the BSA Swimmer Test
Swimming (merit badge) Aquatics Complete the BSA Swimmer Test
Weather Nature 6, 8, 9
Welding Technology  
Wilderness Survival Scoutcraft 5 (bring survival kit to camp)
Wood Carving Handicrafts Earn the Totin' Chip award
Woodwork Handicrafts Earn the Totin' Chip award