Camp Staff

So you're thinking about joining the Raven Knob staff?

We hire for a wide range of jobs when selecting our camp staff because we essentially become a small town during the summer. Many of our staff work in one of the program areas (such as Aquatics, Handicrafts, or Nature) and are directly involved in merit badge instruction. These staff members spend their days working with the Scouts and leaders, teaching them specialized skills. Most people associate being on camp staff with being a merit badge counselors, but at Camp Raven Knob, merit badge counselors constitute only sixty percent of our whole staff. The rest of the camp staff can be found selling snacks in the Trading Post, answering telephones in the Administration Building, preparing food in the Dining Hall, maintaining the camp property and its equipment, keeping Scoutmasters happy, building campfires, leading Vespers services, constructing new facilities, advising the Program Director, or hard at work at many other jobs! At Camp Raven Knob, there is always a place for you to work!

Competitive applications come from those who are motivated, professional, hard working, and good at working with others. We look to hire about 120 seasonal staff members each summer. We encourage you to apply today!

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