Summer Camp Registration - FAQ

Here are the answers to some common registration questions:

How do I log in?
Old Hickory Council units and Out of Council units who attended Scouts BSA Resident Camp last year will use the same login credientals this year. If you have lost your login credientals, please email and a member of the Admin Team will get back with you. You can log in directly from

Where can I find a user manual for the new system?
If you need help using the new system, you can find a handy guide for download hereThis guide will help walk you through the entire process for registration. If you still need assistance after reading the guide, you can email the Admin team at any time.

When is registration due?
Registration must be completed two weeks out from your week at camp. Unit count payment must be completed by April 15th. Any last minute changes will have to be completed by the Admin team.

June 4th: Week #1 Registration closes (Remaining balance due)

June 11th: Week #2 Registration closes (Remaining balance due)

June 18th: Week #3 Registration closes (Remaining balance due)

June 25th: Week #4 Registration closes (Remaining balance due)

July 2nd: Week #5 Registration closes (Remaining balance due)

July 9th: Week #6 Registration closes (Remaining balance due)

July 16th: Week #7 Registration closes (Remaining balance due)

I filled out my roster but can't register for sessions. Help!
You must have submitted a unit count before you can register for sessions. To do this, click your week of camp on the "Home" tab and click "Change Registration". This is where you will enter the Unit Count for Scouts and Adults. Once you have completed this step and paid the $150 per Scout you can complete session registration from the "Event Registration" tab.

I don't see my Campsite Deposit or Leader Credits. Where are they?
This system is a little different than past programs we have used. We will be applying the Campsite Deposit and Leader Credits as a credit sometime after April 15th. Before you submit your final payment, you will see the Campsite Deposit and Leader Credits as an item on your invoice.

Where can I find the Parental Release form?
Each Scout must have the Outdoor Parental Release Form signed by their parent/guardian. You can download the form hereYou will also find miscellaneous forms you may need in this packet. 

Who can I contact with other questions?
If you have any questions, please contact the Raven Knob Admin team at We look forward to seeing you at camp!


File Name Description
2021 Scouts BSA Leader's Guide The 2021 Scouts BSA Leader's Guide to Summer Camp. Pay special attention to the Registration dates, new program offerings, and updated fee schedule. Download
BSA Medical Form (Current) All participants in all Scouting activities complete Part A and Part B. Give the completed forms to your unit leader. This applies to all activities, day camps, local tours, and weekend camping trips less than 72 hours. Update at least annually. Download
Camp Map Map of campsites and areas at Camp Raven Knob. Updated Spring 2020. Download
Outdoor Parental Release Form (RKSR-R) The Outdoor Parental Release form must be signed by a parent or guardian for any Scout attending Summer Camp at Camp Raven Knob. Download
Pre-Camp Merit Badge Checklist Several Merit Badges cannot be completed in there entirety at Camp Raven Knob. The following checklist will show you which Merit Badges have requirements that should be completed prior to coming to camp. Download
Program Grid This is the program grid used to help complete the Provisional and Day camper application. Download
Summer Camp Registration Forms (misc) Download this packet for the Outdoor Parental Release Form, Swimming Check, Photo Order Form, Insurance Form, and Special Diet Form. Outdoor Parental Relase Form must be signed by each parent. Download
Supplemental Medical Form This form is to be attached to the front of a youth's medical form. This form is not required, but is highly encouraged. Download
Troop Insurance Form (RKSR-I) Troops and Crews must carry certain insurance to attend Camp Raven Knob. This form should be completed by the Unit and turned it at Check-In. Download