Summer Camp Program

Camp Raven Knob is proud to offer programs for Scouts of all ages! First-year campers often enjoy our Raven Scouts program, Scouts of all ages enjoy our merit badge program, and older Scouts enjoy our Outback High Adventure programs. We offer training courses and special activities for adult leaders, and open programming in the evenings with come-and-go activities for Scouts and adult leaders alike! 

Per BSA policy, all merit badges are available to be taken by any Scout. However, the physical or mental demands of some of our programs are more suited toward Scouts of a particular age, maturity, or skill level. In the program sections of this guide and, you will see our recommendations for which merit badges and programs are recommended for younger Scouts, older Scouts, or all Scouts. Please keep in mind that the unit leader is responsible for ensuring that all Scouts meet maturity and skill level requirements for all sessions. Scouts who have already earned a merit badge are not eligible to sign up for that merit badge session again. This allows every Scout the opportunity to participate in the program. 

Some programs have age restrictions, prerequisites and other requirements that cannot be completed at camp. Details are available at and on the individual pages for each merit badge.

For detailed descriptions of each program (and the most up-to-date information), please use the navigation menus to explore each program area and view the various merit badges and activities that they offer.

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