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Raven Knob's thirty-six campsites are grouped into three areas: the Ridge, the Hill, and the Valley.

The Ridge has a mix of Adirondack and tent campsites, each named for a different frontiersman or other historical figure. These sites are known for being only a short walk to the dining hall, and most have electricity available in their permanent shelters. 

Ridge campsites include: Buffalo Bill A, Buffalo Bill BCrazy Horse A, Crazy Horse BCochiseDan Beard, Dan Boone, Davy Crockett, GeronimoKit Carson, Sam Houston, SequoiaSeton, Sitting Bull, and Wyatt Earp.

The Hill contains exclusively tent campsites, each named for geographical features in the area. All sites have a permanent picnic shelter. Many border Lake Sobotta and are generally quiet and peaceful due to their secluded location.

Hill Campsites include: Deer Valley A, Deer Valley B, Hilltop, Knob View, Knoll, Laurel Ridge, Piney Ridge A, Piney Ridge B, Piney Ridge CRed Oak, Trails End A, and Trails End B

The Valley contains exclusively tent campsites, each named for various Native American tribes. Most sites have a permanent picnic shelter. Four campsites are located just beyond the Nature area and five are along the road behind the Lodge Building. Several marked trails provide Scouts with quick access to the main program areas in camp.

Valley Campsites include: Apache, Arapaho, Cherokee, CommancheIroquois, Kiowa, Lakota, Ponca, and Shawnee.



Campsite Capacities
Campsite Min Max
Apache 15 28
Arapaho 20 36
Buffalo Bill A 24 40
Buffalo Bill B 14 20
Cherokee 20 36
Cochise 30 46
Commanche 16 24
Crazy Horse A 20 42
Crazy Horse B 10 26
Dan Beard 24 36
Dan Boone 16 28
Davy Crockett 20 36
Deer Valley A 16 28
Deer Valley B 16 30
Geronimo 20 48
Hill Top 18 36
Iroquois 16 28
Kiowa 16 44
Kit Carson 20 48
Knob View 16 32
Knoll 16 36
Lakota 16 24
Laurel Ridge 16 24
Piney Ridge A 16 24
Piney Ridge B 18 36
Piney Ridge C 12 24
Ponca 18 40
Red Oak 16 32
Sam Houston 16 32
Sequoia 30 46
Seton 16 27
Shawnee 16 24
Sitting Bull 16 28

Trail's End A

16 30
Trail's End B 12 24
Wyatt Earp 12 22