Pricing and Payment


Raven Knob will charge the following base prices for the 2019 summer camp season.

In Council Youth : $305 a

Out of Council Youth: $335 a

Full Week Adult Leaders: $135

Half Week Adult Leaders: $70 b

a) Some programs have additional fees that are used to help cover the cost of additional program fees. These will be listed on each program's webpages and in the Leader's Guide.

b) No camp t-shirt will be included with half-week adult leader's fees. They can be purchased at the Trading Post. 

Each troop that brings ten or more youth participants will be have the cost of two leaders waived. Troops that bring less than ten scouts will have the cost of one leader waived.

Payment Schedule

Below is an easy-to-follow payment schedule leading up to summer camp. Please email with any questions or concerns. 

Start Date Payment Amount Due Due Date    Notes
February 15, 2019 Unit Count Payment $150 per youth April 15, 2018 Unit Counts cannot be adjusted by the unit after April 15th. Please contact the Admin Team at to adjust your Unit Count after that date. 
March 15, 2019 Session Registration Begins   One week prior to arrival at camp

Session Registration cannot be finalized until the Unit Count Payment is made. Units are encouraged to make Unit Count payment prior to March 15th in order to avoid full sessions.

One week prior to your unit's arrival at camp, you will be locked out of the session registration portal. Please contact the Admin Team at for all schedule changes during that time. 

March 15, 2019 Final Payment **Varies by Unit Arrival at Camp Following Session Registration, you will be able to see your balance remaining including the additional program fees acquired. To qualify for Express Check-In upon your arrival at camp, the final balance must be paid. Otherwise, this balance will be paid at the Administration Building during your Check-In process. 

**Adult Leader credits are automatically applied based on the number of Scouts you bring to camp.