Venture Crew Pistol Shoot

This session is designed to give registered Venturers, age 14 and above, instruction in the basics of handgun safety and shooting. All necessary equipment will be provided by the camp. Venture Crew leaders are asked to evaluate the maturity of the participant when registering for this program. This session is limited to 8 participants.

Important: At the beginning of the session on Monday, all participants will be required to present a written verification of their registration in a Venturing crew.  Acceptable documents include:

  • Venturing, BSA registration card
  • Copy of the participant's Venturing, BSA application, dated at least four weeks prior to camp
  • Official crew roster from the Venturer's home council

Those without an acceptable document will be excused from the session and assisted in choosing a different session by the administration staff.

Venturers must be at least 14 years of age in order to participate. Each session is limited to eight Venturers. There is a $20 fee for program materials.

Fast Facts
Session Length 1 hr
Program Fee $30
Age Requirement 14
Pre-Requisites Proof of registration in a Venturing crew