Harry R. Vaughn Sr. Dining Hall

The Harry R. Vaughn Sr. Dining Hall, established in 2000, is the central hub around which the camp operates. Capable of seating just over a thousand people in around 10 minutes, the dining hall is well known for its efficiency and utility.

Our Dining Hall Manager, Carol Hiatt, is a veteran of the Surry County Schools system where she managed the lunch room for several decades. She now spends her summers at Raven Knob, ensuring that every Scout and Scouter leaves each meal with a full belly and a smile on their face. Be sure to say hi to her when you see her; she loves talking to people!

If you have any questions about dietary restrictions or special needs, the dining hall staff is happy to help. The special dietary restrictions form is available here. Send that form to dininghall@ravenknob.com along with any questions you may have and they'll get back to you shortly.