Visitor's Night

2021 POLICIES: In 2021, we will require all visitors entering camp to have a valid ticket. Tickets will be made avaliable the Wedneday prior to the given Wednesday Night. Tickets are limited.


  • Visitors will only be allowed into camp after 7:00pm and must present their digital ticket upon arrival.
  • The Wednesday night campfire is at the OA Arena at 8:15pm.
  • Visitors should eat supper prior to arrival. Scouts and Leaders in camp will have a regular supper at the Dining Hall prior to the arrival of visitors.
  • Visitors should wear masks for the duration of their stay.


[the following information does not apply to the 2021 summer camp season]

At Camp Raven Knob, Wednesday evening is Visitors' Night! Parents and other family members are encouraged to bring a picnic supper to enjoy with their Scout and friends. The highlight of the evening's activities is the campfire program and Order of the Arrow ceremony.

Vehicles are allowed into camp on Wednesday evenings. Visitors should not plan to arrive at Raven Knob before 7:00pm, as Scouts will be involved in sessions for most of the afternoon and will need time to take a shower and change clothes. The campfire begins at 8:15pm in the Order of the Arrow Arena, and lasts until approximately 9:15pm. Visitors should plan to leave shortly after the conclusion of the campfire so that Scouts and leaders can get a good night's sleep! There are no facilities at Raven Knob for visitors to stay overnight.

Please note that the road in front of the arena will be closed from 7:30 PM until the end of the campfire. If you need to leave before the end of the campfire please park on the aquatics side of the arena.

Visitor Night FAQs

For 2021 - no food will be brought by visitors to the campsite. Most units choose to eat/cook their own food on Wednesday nights, or have their visitors/families bring food into camp. Because of this, the dining hall is not open for supper on Wednesday nights. However, units who would like the camp to provide food for them can sign up in advance at leader's meetings. Camp staff will deliver a hot meal to your campsite at no additional cost. The camp can also provide visitors with food for a modest per-person fee (assessed to the troop account).
Yes, both Papa John's and Domino's will deliver to camp. However, they will likely have minimum orders so please call and check their policies about delivering to Raven Knob. 
For 2021 - visitors will not be allowed to enter the camp gates until 7:00pm. Visitors at any time other than Wednesday evening should make prior arrangements with the Camp Director. There are no facilities at Camp Raven Knob for visitors to stay overnight. Visitors are highly encouraged to only visit on Wednesday night to maintain a safe and orderly camp operation. 
For 2021 - Scouts and Leaders in camp will have a regular supper at the Dining Hall prior to the arrival of visitors. Yes. At the leader's meetings on Sunday or Monday, Scoutmasters should contact the director of the area where their desired shelter is located to reserve it.