Trading Post


The Trading Post is a frequented "hang out spot" for Scouts and leaders during the summer camp season. It features a snack bar, a camp store, and plenty of seating on the spacious front porch.


Hours of Operation
Sunday 1:30-4:30pm and 7:15-8:00pm (Store Side Only); After Campfire-9:45pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:45-11:45am; 1:45-4:45pm; 7:15-9:45pm
Wednesday, Friday 8:45-11:45am; 1:45-4:45pm; 7:15-8:00pm (Store Side Only); After Campfire-9:45pm
Saturday CLOSED
Part of the Trading Post building serves as a snack bar, where Scouts can purchase various snacks and drinks between sessions, in the evenings, or during time off. No visit to Raven Knob is complete without trying a famous Slush Puppie!
The Trading Post also functions as the Raven Knob camp store, selling basic camp supplies, merit badge class materials, Scouting novelty items, and a whole lot more. If you forgot something, don't worry: they probably have it at the Trading Post!


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The Trading Post staff is proud to offer a Salesmanship merit badge session for interested Scouts. Participants will work with Trading Post staff members during the week to learn how we "run" the business behind the scenes. We recommend that Scouts be at least 13 years of age to participate.