Scout Troops with Girls are Welcome at Camp Raven Knob

In preparing for summer camp in 2019, Camp Raven Knob will be ready to host Scout troops with girls for the first time. While we have had numerous Venture crews over the years with girl members, 2019 will be the first time that girls will be participating alongside boys in regular merit badge sessions.

Raven Knob has set aside campsites specifically to accommodate troops with girls and will be ready to welcome them. Improvements to facilities such as shower houses are being made. The online registration system will be ready for the new troops to register and will function as similarly as circumstances allow for troops with girls. Just like with some troops of boys, smaller troops with girls will likely share a campsite with another girl troop.

If you or someone you know is putting their leadership together for a troop with girls and would like to attend summer camp, please reach out to our Camp Director Keith Bobbitt at to get planning underway.