Lake Trail

The Lake Trail (also known as CRK Trail 18) follows the shoreline of Lake Sobotta. If you’ve been to the Knob, you’ve already hiked part of it. The trailhead is located across the bridge behind the Raven Scouts Area and is marked by blue blazes along the trail. 

Be careful - the trail will get narrow and can be treacherous in spots.
Fast Facts
Trail Type Loop
Trail Length 1.59 miles (8,395 feet)
Blaze Color Blue

Trail Description

From the Raven Scouts Area, cross the bridge going over Endicott Creek and keep left. When you reach the first split in the trail keep left to stay on the lake trail.

The trail will continue through sometimes thick underbrush – mostly rhododendron – until you reach the dam at the far end of the lake. Once at the dam cross the bridge over the spillway for the lake and keep left staying beside the lake. After a while you will cross another bridge over one of the swampy coves of the lake. 

Continue following the shoreline on the northern side of the lake. You will pass near several summer camp campsites – if they are occupied, please do not go through them without asking someone’s permission.

The trail will become more heavily traveled the more sites you pass and will eventually end across the street from the trading post, right beside the Nathan Clark Hammock Hangout.