Golf Cart Policy

Handicapped / Service Permits

Individuals with special needs should contact the camp office prior to arrival. For persons requiring mobility assistance please review our Golf Cart plan noted below. If you are assisting with a service project and need to use your vehicle please come by the Administration Building to get a Service Pass.  

Golf Carts and UTV’s in Camps

In recent years we have had an increase in both youth and adult participants who need transportation in camp because of a medical limitation. This has led to an increase of golf carts and UTV’s being brought to camp. Starting in 2020 and going forward, the following policy regarding golf carts and UTVs will be utilized:

Safety is the main concern for all involved, as such we ask for your cooperation with these steps.

 • UTVs and golf carts may be used by maintenance personnel. They may also be used to transport disabled or other impaired individuals on camp property when the operator is 18 years of age or older and is trained in the safe operation of the vehicle by taking the ROHVA Safety E-Course at

  • Camp Raven Knob will not furnish golf carts for transportation. Personal carts may be utilized or individuals may rent such from local vendors such as Cooke Rentals or the Golf Cart Outlet both in Mount Airy, N. C.  Carts with gas engines are recommended. 
  • The cart may only be used to transport the number of people for which there are actual seats. Riding in the back storage area or standing while riding is not permitted. It is the intent to transport only those individuals with an impairment, not to act as a shuttle for the troop. 
  • Each cart must have both a Fire Extinguisher and a First Aid Kit on board. 
  • The camp speed limit must be obeyed. 
  • Reckless driving will not be tolerated, those drivers who operate their cart in an unsafe manner are subject to having their cart driving privileges revoked by the Camp Director or Camp Ranger.  
  • ATVs are not to be used at camp unless approved by the Camp Director or Camp Ranger. 
  • Carts used for driving after dark must have operable headlights. 
  • The driver of the cart will present a certificate of completion of the ROHVA Safety E Course to the administrative staff upon arrival in camp where upon the staff will issue a driving placard for the designated cart. Only individuals who are at least 18 years of age or older and who have completed this course will be allowed to drive golf carts or UTVs on camp property. Furthermore the driver must present proof of vehicle and operator insurance and a completed Release of Liability form which will be available in the Administration Building. 
  • All such vehicles must be in good safe working order. Damages caused by golf carts or UTVs to camp property or private property will be the express responsibility of the driver. Camp Raven Knob and the Old Hickory Council, BSA will not be responsible for such damages.
  • Repair, refueling and recharging will be the responsibility of the driver not the camp. Also, if you rent a cart it is your responsibility to arrange for the return.