Frequently Asked Questions

What uniform is required at meals?
Class A uniform is required for supper and campfires unless there are extenuating heat conditions, in which case the staff may call for Class B instead. The staff also wears Class A uniform to breakfast, and we encourage units to do the same.

Can I bring electronic devices like my laptop, tablet, or cell phone?
Spending a week at camp is a great opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills, and electronics can distract Scouts from this experience. Camp Raven Knob is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.

Will my cell phone work in camp?
Coverage varies depending on equipment and wireless network providers.  Carolina West and Verizon have the best performance, Sprint has some coverage, and AT&T and T-Mobile have little, if any, coverage. To compensate for this, each unit is issued an alphanumeric pager during the check-in process for reliable contact from camp throughout the week.

Is there WiFi available for leaders to use?
The camp provides free WiFi for leaders that need to stay connected. Reliable reception can be found in a majority of the common areas throughout camp, including the Administration Building, Dining Hall, Program Center, and Trading Post.

How much money should my son bring to camp?
This varies from Scout to Scout and family to family. All program fees are collected by the camp office during registration. However, the camp does have a well-equipped Trading Post offering snacks, various camping items, and Scouting-related novelties. Most Scouts bring $30.00 - $50.00. The Trading Post accepts cash, debit cards, and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) as well as Android and Apple Pay.

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