Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the Old Hickory Council has decided to cancel the following sessions for 2020: Cub Resident Camp, Scouts BSA Camp Week 1 & Week 2. Below are our current policies & procedures. Please understand, all policies and procedures listed below are subject to change at any time.

Updating Your Roster by June 1st                    

  • On June 1st, we will need an updated roster of how many scouts & leaders you will bring for camp in the Tentaroo system.                    

  • If your scheduled week of camp has been canceled we need to know your updated roster & preferred new week by June 1st. Camp will operate for five weeks beginning on the week of July 5th. We will do our best to place you in your original campsite, but please understand that we will not be able to accommodate all campsite requests and you may need to share a campsite with another troop. 

Before You Arrive-Prescreening:                     

  • As you gather to head to camp, scouts and leaders will need to have their temperature checked before coming to camp (We would encourage families to check their scouts temperature before leaving to gather with the rest of troop, if a scout or leader has a high temperature they will need to stay at home.)                 

  • If an individual with a high temperature (100 degree or higher) arrives to camp, they will be isolated immediately and sent to be evaluated by a local healthcare professional at the family’s personal expense or using the scout’s private insurance or Medicaid coverage.  

  • If you have a pre-existing condition or you are defined as “At-Risk” by the CDC, we do not recommend you attend camp this summer.

Arrival to Camp                

  • All guests arriving to camp will go through a temperature screening immediately upon arrival. We strongly recommend that troops maintain their leadership in camp for the week. Rotating leaders in troops is not a safe practice.

  • Scoutmasters will be issued a contactless thermometer and will be required to check the temperature of each person (scouts and leaders) in the campsite before breakfast & before lights out. Each troop will be given a roster during check-in that will be used for recording the temperatures, those roster will be due every morning at breakfast for review by camp administration.                 

  • All camp participants will need to have their Camp Participant At-Risk Statement signed and ready to turn in upon arrival. 

Dining Hall & Eating Facilities                 

  • No camp-wide assemblies or flag ceremonies will occur at the Dining Hall. Flag ceremony & grace will need to occur in the campsite or on your own prior to coming to the Dining Hall.                    

  • We are extending the dining facility by adding a dining tent to the parade ground to add more room for social distancing.                    

  • Temporary hand washing stations will be added at the Dining Hall. Hand-washing is mandatory for all scouts and leaders before each meal & will be supervised. 

  • Plexiglass screens will be placed above the four serving lines.    

  • All servers will wear masks, gloves, & aprons and will go through a supervised handwashing & cleansing before serving.

  • Only breakfast & dinner will be served at the Dining Hall. Lunch will be packaged and distributed at breakfast. Each unit will be given a bin to transport food to and from the Dining Hall. (Please note this policy may change before or during the summer)

  • In weeks with large attendance, we will have floating meal times, to help with social distancing. 

  • No food that leaves the kitchen of the Dining Hall will return to the kitchen.

  • We plan to have a sanitation crew on hand for each meal to clean and sanitize tables and chairs once people have left the facility.

  • Scouts and leaders will likely not sit at the same table each day, but sit at whichever table has been sanitized and cleared for use.  

In the campsite

  • Campsites will be sanitized on a daily basis by our Sanitation Crew, contracted cleaners will sanitize each Saturday between sessions.

  • Participants are permitted to stay in the same tent/adirondack, but they will need to sleep head to toe. 

  • Scouts and leaders are permitted to bring their own tents or hammocks to use in the campsite. 

  • All participants should bring at least two cloth mask with them to camp. 

Trading Post                    

  • Plexiglass screens will be added to serving areas and the concession side of the Trading Post.

  • All servers will wear masks, gloves, & aprons and will go through a supervised handwashing & cleansing before serving.        

  • Temporary hand washing stations will be added.                

  • Additional seating will be added outside of the trading post and indoor seating will be limited to encourage social distancing.

  • It is encouraged that scouts and leaders take advantage of the contactless Google Pay/Apple Pay capabilities in the Trading Post. Credit cards and debit cards are also encouraged. Cash will be accepted, but is discouraged for sanitary purposes.         

Sanitation Procedures                

  • We will have a team of staff members dedicated to sanitize all program areas, the Dining Hall, bathroom facilities, and campsites on a daily routine basis.                

  • We have contracted with a commercial cleaning company to regularly sanitize camp throughout the summer. 

  • Trash & Recycling from the campsites and the program areas will be collected on a daily basis rather than three times a week.

Wednesday Night Family Campfire            

  • For the safety of our campers and staff, we will not be allowing any visitors to camp. The Wednesday campfire will only be attended by the scouts, leaders, and staff members already in camp to allow for more distancing in the OA Arena.        

  •  We are going to attempt a live-stream of campfire that will air on YouTube for families that would like to watch. At minimum, we will record the ceremony and publish the following morning.

Camp Raven Knob Staff Preparations        

  • All camp staff will be required to take a COVID-19 training provided by the Boy Scouts of America and healthcare professionals. 
  • All staff will be screened on a daily basis, that includes anytime they leave the camp property. Staff members are highly discouraged from leaving camp for any purpose.

  • Staff housing will be cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis.

  • Camp staff will be limited to leaving the camp property and are encouraged stay within camp for the entire camping season 

  • Staff, including Dining Hall staff, will have their temperature checked every morning & evening as well.

Policy for Day Campers

  • Day Campers will be allowed to leave camp each day at the conclusion of their program.

  • Scouts will need to be checked in by a camp staff member every morning to have their temperature recorded at the Administration Building. 

The following program changes have been made:                    

  • Cooking Merit Badges will not be offered.            

  • Wilderness Survival & Camping Merit Badges will take place, but the Thursday night overnighter will not be offered. This will leave scouts with a partial on Requirement 8 in Wilderness Survival Merit Badge unless documentation from the troop leadership is given showing completion.     

  • Citizenship in the Nation field trip to the Edwards-Franklin House will not take place, other arrangements will be made to complete this requirement                

  • Climbing Merit Badge field trip to Pilot Mountain State Park will not take place, we will plan to do the live rock climb at camp.                

  • Cycling Merit Badge trip to the New River Trail will not take place. Scouts may not be able to earn the 22 miler requirement. 

  • The Whitewater Rafting trip to the New River Gorge will not take pace.

  • Please continue to monitor our website at for updates.