Covid-19 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If a scout has COVID-19 symptoms, will they be tested for the virus?

    • All scouts with symptoms of COVID-19 will be evaluated by a healthcare professional licensed in North Carolina. If the healthcare professional suggests a participant is symptomatic, they can be tested or sent home.

  • Where will participants be sent to be evaluated by a healthcare professional?

    • We will send participants to any of the following locations:

      • Surry Rural Health Center in Mount Airy, NC

      • Northern Regional Hospital in Mount Airy, NC

      • Hugh Chatham Hospital in Elkin, NC

  • Will parents/legal guardians be notified if a scout has COVID-19 symptoms?

    • Yes, parents will be notified if their scout has symptoms of COVID-19, the emergency contact information on their health form will be used. Please make sure this information is accurate on the scout’s health form.

  • If a scout test positive for COVID-19 while at camp, what will be the next step?

    • The participant will be quarantined in our ward room then arrangements will be made to send the scout home.

  • What will be used to sanitize around camp?

    • We are planning to use a peroxide based product, if available, otherwise we will be using a approved cleaning solution. We will constantly monitor recommendations from the CDC on what works best to sanitize for COVID-19. 

  • If COVID-19 has been exposed at camp what will be your procedure?

    • If COVID-19 is present at camp, we will reach out to local and state health departments to evaluate and consult with local healthcare professionals. Any action will be determined by the local health department with correspondence from CDC guidelines.