2017 Construction Projects

Here at Raven Knob we work throughout the year to make sure that your scouts have a quality summer camp experience. When our campers are back in school, our leaders back at work, and and our seasonal staff back in their routines, the Old Hickory council works to ensure that the facilities of Raven Knob are being upgraded and improved based on feedback from our campers. 

Below we have outlined a few projects that we currently are undertaking to improve your experience. We expect to have these completed by the 2017 summer camp season.

Electricity in Campsites - All campsites except Sam Houston are anticipated to have electricity installed for the summer camp season. There will be a four-plug outlet under the picnic shelter or at the bulletin board for each campsite. If the campsite has a permanent shelter, electric lighting will also be installed. Leaders are encouraged to bring their own extension cords. 

Davy Crockett - Several improvements are being made to this campsite. The latrine is being replaced. The picnic shelter is getting a new metal roof. 

Water Heaters - The water heaters that are used for campsite showers are going to be replaced on a rolling basis for the summer of 2017 and for the following two summers.

Other Items  - The Barnhardt Training center will be getting a new HVAC system, The log-cabin is having some maintentance done to it, and the Administration building will get a new metal roof.