Summer Camp for All Youth

Camp Raven Knob is prepared to welcome girls and boys to our Scouts BSA programs this summer. In order to protect the privacy of all youth and adults, our camping committee has put the following policies in place:

1. Guide to Safe Scouting: The camp will closely follow the policies set forth in the current Guide to Safe Scouting. We would strongly encourage parents, leaders, and youth members to carefully read the guide and to discuss it prior to coming to camp.

2. Campsite Etiquette: Girl troops and boy troops will not share campsites unless the troops are linked and specifically request to do so. Campsite restroom facilities (latrines) should be used with discretion when linked troops are sharing a facility. Boys and girls will not share tents or Adirondacks. Privacy screens will be installed on camp Adirondacks as necessary 
3. Showers: The camp has four centralized shower houses. Each one has private showers for leaders at the front entrance. Inside the shower house are 6 youth showers equipped with locking doors for privacy. A shower schedule will be posted with designated times for males and females. Note: some campsite latrines include showers, and we recommend that these only be used by male campers. 
4. Swimming Attire: Swimsuits must be modest. Males may not wear tight-fitting swim briefs such as speedos or swim bottoms short enough to allow exposure. Females may not wear bikinis or thongs. Modest tankinis with boardshorts or one-piece swimsuits are appropriate.
5. Buddy System: Each youth participant should be assigned a buddy for the week with whom they can walk to sessions and other activities. Buddies would appropriately be two boys or two girls, not one boy and one girl. Buddy groups (such as a patrol) are also acceptable. We encourage buddies to register for similar merit badges so that they have a traveling partner. 
Camp Raven Knob appreciates your assistance in helping us enforce these policies in order to provide a more positive camping experience for all of our youth and leaders. If you or someone you know is putting their leadership together for a troop with girls and would like to attend summer camp, please reach out to our Camp Director at to get planning underway.