Raven Repeat 2014

Register for Raven Repeat for Weeks 6 & 7 of camp!


Based on preliminary registrations, these sessions are full or trending as full and are no longer open for registration. Units will be contacted via email if their scouts did not get into these sessions.

2014 Leaders Guide to Summer Camp

The 2014 Leaders Guide is now available and details everything you need to know about Summer Camp. Download a copy to share with your unit today!

Summer Camp: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Camp Raven Knob

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LIVE Stream of Wednesday Night Campfire

View the live stream of July 9th's campfire.

Camp Photos

Photos from around camp during the summer of 2014

2014 Summer Camp Dining Menu

Here's what's cooking at Raven Knob! Note that the menus are subject to change. Call our Dining Hall Manager to confirm before making plans.

Annual Health and Medial Record

Make sure you are using the right form for your trip to camp!

New BSA Tour and Activity Plan

The BSA has designed a new Tour and Activity Plan to replace the older Tour Plan and Tour Permits. This TAP is generated online by the troop and will be required for all units attending Raven Knob.

Weekend Camping Reservations

Use our online year-round facility manager to help schedule your next outing.


Collection of videos featuring Raven Knob

Live Webcam

Directions to Raven Knob

Follow this map to find your way to Raven Knob.

Join the Raven Knob Staff

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RKSR-A Reservation Form

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Summer Camp Reservations

Check summer camp reservations or learn how to make a new one.

Raven Knob Campsites

Check out what the campsites are like at Raven Knob.